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Super Habanero Pepper

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Capsicum Habanero Pepper, Capsicum chinense CV ‘Habanero’, a is a variety of chili pepper. The name is sometimes spelled (and pronounced) habañero. This plant produces extra-large 2" long lantern-shaped peppers. They have a sweet fruity flavor although they are very hot.

We find them much easier to handle than the smaller Habaneras which can make it difficult to avoid touching the seeds. Plants grow to 1-2 feet tall and do best in hot climates with mulch over their roots.

These are extremely hot peppers with 285,000-350,000 Scoville units compared to Cayenne's 30-50,000. The substance that makes Peppers HOT is an oil called Capsaicin. It is mostly found in the veins of the pepper, although it is also in seeds, but in a lesser degree.

Our pepper plants are grown in extra large 4.5" pots and are generally about 4-8" tall depending upon the variety. Each plant is wrapped individually to hold in the soil and moisture. We ship in large pots to keep the stress of transport to a minimum. Our interior cartons are made to fit our plants. Order any quantity you want, we don't require you to order by the dozen!

* Very hot pepper
* Lantern-shape
* Sweet fruity flavor


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