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Peas - Shell Peas - Novella II - Org

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Novella II Organic Shell Pea bears large crops without trellising. These peas are easy to pick because of semi-leafless trait. To take advantage of its free standing characteristic, plant 5 rows 7" apart, 4" between plants in the row, in other words, plant peas 2 inches deep and 4 inches apart. Novella II is disease resistant, easy to shell, and has 3" pods with 8 or 9 peas per pod. It has a great flavor for the freezer. Novella II puts additional energy into pea production and is mildew and wilt resistant. It is best to give them a midseason fertilization. When vines begin to flower, avoid getting water on the plants as it might damage the flowers, reducing the crop. Pick shelling peas when the pods are full, before peas have a chance to harden. (Resists PM, CW & FW.)

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