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Paw Paw

 Ornamental Tree with Delicious Fruit

The Paw Paw is an ornamental, fruit-bearing tree.  It’s sure to turn heads if planted near your street or by the front entrance of your home.  

Planting a Paw Paw is a great way to bring a bit of tropical allure to your yard without concerns about harsh weather.  The Paw Paw can tolerate cold temperatures, even as low as -25F.  

Of course it’s most popular feature is the fruit it produces in the fall. 

You’ll adore the short stubby-banana shape and creamy consistency of the custard-like fruit.  The unique taste must be tried to be truly appreciated.  People describe it as a banana-like flavor with melon, vanilla or even pineapple accents. 

As if the tropical look and delicious fruit isn’t enough, in the spring your Paw Paw will reward you with the most delightful 1-inch bell-shaped flowers.  These deep-purple gems start to appear before your Paw Paw leafs out, so your view of their exquisite charm won’t be obscured.   

In the fall the leaves your Paw Paw will gift you with yet another thrill when its leaves brighten your autumn landscape with their yellow brilliance.  

The Paw Paw is a tropical-looking hardy tree with a lot to offer. You just can’t go wrong planting the incredible Paw Paw tree.  

* Spring and fall color
* Edible fruit
* Hardy and cold tolerant



Customer Reviews

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gorgeous! Review by inga
It was my birthday gift. Now my tree is 6 years old. Such an elegant tree! Wish I can send you photo of my paw-paw in October - Golden princes! Great tree for any garden. We have country house in PA (zone 5). For last 3-4 years having plenty of fruits. No need to cover our tree on very cold winter.
Great tree Review by Pappy
They're hard to find & Nature Hills sold out 2 years ago. I had to wait til 2013 to get a Paw Paw. It's doing great. Such a unique tree. I highly recommend getting a paw paw tree from Nature Hills.
Love This! Review by Unique Gardener
I didn't really know much about the Paw Paws but I heard about them and really wanted one. This is such a unique and beautiful tree. People ask about it all the time.
Squirells eat my fruit Review by Ann Arbor Area Association of Paw Paw Orchardists
I have two beautiful 8 foot paw paws- purchased 5 years ago as less than pencil thin 1 foot shoots. They are in full sun and have taken off and now are wondefully tropical looking trees here in SE Michigan. They are very hardy and need zero care to prosper. However, to get a good fruit set I have for the past 3 years hand pollinated the flowers. And I have had a ton of fruit set. This spring I counted over 200 fruit .5 inches long on my two trees. The previous two years I had lost my fruit to squirrels and I think deer, so this year I was very careful to fully wrap the trees in deer netting. I guess they must be VERY tasty (Ive never eaten a paw paw and I know no one who has) a squirrel still managed to get into both trees and wipe me out one afternoon. I swear next year I will secure my trees and finally eat a fruit! In the meantime they grow like crazy and give me a beautiful tropical looking tree that nobody can identify when they see them. Well no one but the #@*&&@! squirrels.
Paw Paw Trees in Mid West Review by maggie
These trees have a tap root; once they are settled, they do not transplant well. However, being native, they do extremely well with SW Ohios freezing, windy winters and hot humid summers. They are in a clay, basic (non-acid) limestone soil. Their decidious leaves are 6-10 inclhes long and look quite tropical. The trees prefer being at the edge of woods or near other trees, part in sun and part in protected shade, as an understaory tree that does get a bit of sun. My "trees" on the present property were 8 inches when planted 2 springs ago... now are 20". I planted one paw paw at my previous home ... I did not want fruit ... and it grew to 12-15 feet in similar conditions. (I have more property here and planted two for cross pollination and fruit.) Deer do not usually eat them; right now the trees-to-be are small enough to be trampled on accidently (by animals or people) so I still protect them with a wire cage and make sure they do not have to compete with weeds. I had to get mine from a Mail Order Nursery as none of our local nurseries sold them. (but all sang the song " Where or where is sweet little Mary... Way done yonder in the Paw Paw Partch... Picking up paw paws putting them in her pocket" when I asked about the tree! This is a great tree, especially with other natives like Sugar Maple and cultivars of American Elm that are resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. The Elm and the Paw Paws are yellow in the autumn and the Maples red.

5 Item(s)

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Plant Facts

Family Asimina triloba
Foliage Green
Mature Height 15 - 30 feet
Mature Spread 20 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 5-8
Moisture Widely Adaptable
Mature Form Round, Upright
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Full Shade
Flower Color Maroon
Fall Color Yellow

Paw Paw.

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