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Osage Orange

Strong and Hardy Ornamental

The Osage Orange is a small to medium sized tree that can grow almost anywhere.  People often choose it as an ornamental, and it would look lovely as a side planting in your yard, or even as a hedge along a boarder.
The Osage generally stays under 30 feet in height, and can make an excellent shade tree.  You’ll love its rounded, irregular crown that will add some unique distinction to your landscape.  The 6 inch lance-shaped leaves are a dark robust green, a perfect shade to contrast the many lighter green shades of summer. 

You’ll notice small green flowers as they begin to grace the Osage’s branches in the spring, and love the citrus scent of its fruit in the fall. 
The Osage has a rich history.  It was often used by ranchers as a natural property fence.  The Osage’s strong wood, hardy nature and thorny branches all combined to make hedges that were effective in holding in livestock.   Think of the fun you’ll have telling friends and neighbors about the “living barbed wire” from the old west that you have growing in your yard! 
The Osage is still valued its incredibly strong wood.  In fact, archers still prize the wood for making bows just as American Indians did in the past.  
The Osage fruit consists of a 6 inch wrinkly ball that changes from green to yellowish when ripe.  It’s not used as food by humans, but squirrels and other wildlife love it. 

For a unique ornamental tree with a lot of year round appeal, the Osage is a great choice.
* Ornamental tree
* Fall fruit
* Hardy

Customer Reviews

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Hard wood Review by Jerry
It is hard to find osage orange wood. The wood is beautiful for woodworking. I guess I will have to grow some of my own.
Hedge Tree Review by Tree Hugger
The Osage Orange tree is know for its prized hedge apples. I see these apples sold at flea markets and I'm surprised how many people buy these hedge apples.
Yes we have many of the tree's on our property. People from all over stop to ask about the brain ball's. It's kind of funny that some actually stop to steal an apple. We don't mind if they would, because we have hundreds every year. Lot's of history behind this tree. The biggest tree is at least 2 to 3 hundred years old. In the winter when all the leaves are gone it looks like something from a harrow movie. Just gotta love it. God bless
Osage Orange Beautiful Wood Review by Joe
Yes the fruit of the female Osage can be messy and yes they are large and yes they can make mess...who cares. If you've ever seen the wood that one of these trees produces, you'll be amazed at its beauty. Due to their tendency to grow in whatever direction they like, finding large runs of straight lumber is difficult. However, when you do find a nice wide long board of Osage, be prepared to pay a very high price. The wood makes a beautiful accent addition to just about any high end project you can build. The wood is very hard and has a yellow to orange coloration. If you have good sharp tools and know what you are doing, you can successfully use Osage lumber. If you want to know how to spot an Osage Orage tree just look for the orange tinged coarse bark, crooked main trunk, huge thorns and hedgeapples, if it is a female tree. Plant them near a fence row when you don't want trespassers crossing your property. These trees are the barbed wire of trees. I love em because they don't play by the traditional tree rules.
search: the dawn of intelligence Review by Kerry Craig Walker
I found the other reviews very helpful. My wife and I hiked up Jasper Mtn, here in Jasper, TN and we found an old homestead on top of the mountain with a bunch of these trees around it. The ground was covered with the bumpy balls of green fruit. It is amazing that these trees have done so well in the rocky soil of this mountain. These trees looked nothing like the straight truck tree that is pictured here. My wife grabbed the tree and got a thorn in her thumb. I find it interesting that the Indians liked the wood for making their bows. I also find it interesting that the fruit can get rid of fleas. I found the post here to contain very useful information.

Items 1 to 5 of 14 total

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Plant Facts

Family Maclura pomifera
Foliage Green
Mature Height 20 - 40 feet
Mature Spread 20 - 40 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 5-9
Moisture Widely Adaptable
Mature Form Round Crown, Irregular
Growth Rate Rapid
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Flower Color Yellow, Green
Fall Color Yellow

Osage Orange.

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