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Fast-Growing Shade Tree

The Northern Red Oak, Quercus ruba, is a long-lived tree and one of the fastest-growing Oaks.  It would be a perfect shade tree for your yard.
There’s nothing quite as peaceful as whiling away a few hot summer hours under the cool shade  of an Oak tree, and the Northern Red Oak would be a perfect choice for doing just that.
Imagine sitting under your Red Oak.  Tilt your head back to view the straight and true trunk that grows to a height of up to 75 or moret.  See how the branches reach toward the sky in a spreading form that creates a pleasing rounded crown.  Notice the dark green leaves as they gently rustle in the breeze, their 8 inch, wide-lobed surface filtering the sunlight above you.
In the autumn you’ll still enjoy sitting under your Red Oak amid the deep reds and yellows of its fall foliage.  If you sit very still, you’ll even share in the excitement of neighborhood squirrels and other wildlife that come to collect the 1-inch acorns your Red Oak generously produces for them.
In the spring 2-4 inch green catkins will appear on your Red Oak as flowers to announce the coming of another growing season to enjoy…and all the charming features of your Red Oak will begin again.
The Northern Red Oak is an important source of food for wildlife.  A variety of birds depend upon Red Oak acorns, the wild turkey in particular.  Several mammals also value the Red Oak acorn, including the Black Bear. You will likewise value the Northern Red Oak for all it has to offer.
* Fast-growing
* Long-lived
* Fall color
* Food for wildlife


Plant Facts

Family Quercus rubra
Foliage Green
Mature Height 50 - 60 feet
Mature Spread 50 - 60 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 3-8
Mature Form Round
Growth Rate Rapid
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Flower Color Insignificant
Fall Color Red

Northern Red Oak.

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winter leaf color Review by spider
Due to its retention of leaves through the winter, the red oak provides a visual break from the stark monochromatic appearance of most other deciduous trees during winter. The orange-brown leaves look perfect against the blue winter sky of a sunny day. The lace like appearance of the leaves provides visual interest and variety to the winter scene. This is my favorite tree for a winter climate forest or yard.
Good for wildlife! Review by DONNA
This is good because it is widely adaptable to moisture conditions and soil conditions and is winter hardy also.
Quercus Rubra Review by Radien from ohio
I have two 7 foot specimens in yard planted fall of 2013. The Red Oaks: Shumard Oak, Scarlet Oak and Northern Red Oak, should all be planted accordingly to your locations soil and weather. Both resemble each other in appearance in fall, but i will give a great review for this tree. That fall it gave its full red coloration that really drew a lot of attention near the Autumn Blaze (Acer Freemani) that it was near. The leafs are gigantic and a rich green all changing red slowly, over 2-3 weeks. The bark becomes a bumpy detailed trunk and the vigor of growth is unmatched 12-24 inches on some branchlets per year. This and Autumn Blaze can get as much as 3 feet for some branches per year. Being a fast grower be advised these trees get very big and are susceptible to wind/storm damage.

Mulch 3 feet around, but 4 inches from trunk. Wrap trunk with tree wrap up to 4 inches from ground to protect from winter burn and sun scald. Prune after the 3rd year of planting and according to the right time. Water thoroughly, some red oaks like moist grounds for the first year to establish.

Your studying Arborist, Radien.
tree growth Review by Petee
You sent me a good sized Northern Red Oak tree last spring and it is just beginning to bud this spring. So happy it made it through our tough winter.
Tree form Review by Shanking Ron
Our golf course has a northern red oak that looks just like the one in your picture on your website. I bought one 3 years ago and I am sure it will look just like the one in the picture.

10 Item(s)

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