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Monty's Carbon Soil Conditioner - 2.5 Gallon

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Monty's Liquid Carbon Soil Conditioner (2.5 gal.) is derived from 100% natural elements and is completely safe and non-toxic for use in all lawn and commercial / agricultural applications. Monty’s Liquid Carbon is not a fertilizer or a fertilizer replacement; it is intended to be used as a soil conditioner in conjunction with your current fertilization program. It helps accelerate the growth cycle and enables a plant to develop root structure and build in a natural immune system that allows the grower to grow 'out of season' and harvest at a time when the crop has its highest market value. You can apply this conditioner to the soil in the fall or early spring. (Monty’s seed starter can be added to the diluted soil conditioner before planting.) The exceptional attributes of this Soil Conditioner are: it enhances the aeration of your soil, reduces the compaction and salt build-up in your soil, increases the moisture retention of your soil, stimulates bacteria growth which increases the energy around the root mass, and assists with breakdown of organic matter.

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