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Melons - Muskmelons - Early Silverline - Org Hrlm

Early Silverline Organic Heirloom Muskmelon is a very high yielding early variety. Producing small, 1 to 2 lb. fruits, you know it is ripe when it has a yellow skin with stripes. Early Silverline is not your typical melon. It has a unique white crisp flesh that tastes more like a pear than a muskmelon; refreshingly sweet. Its vines are small and compact and the fruits are beautiful with smooth skin. With an oval/elongated shape, it has broad yellow bands and smaller light green stripes running its length, when ripe. Melons are heat lovers and heavy feeders, so pick a sunny spot and spend some time preparing the soil with rich compost and creating hills for the vines to trail down. Wait until soil temp is 70 degrees to direct sow, or start indoors and harden off. This is a great melon for home gardeners to grow.

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Melons - Muskmelons - Early Silverline - Org Hrlm.

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