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Leyland Cypress

Grow a Privacy Screen Fast!

The Leyland Cypress is a tree prized for its fast-growing and hardy nature. Why waste money and maintenance time on a privacy fence when you can use the Leyland Cypress as a carefree, living one? 
The Leyland Cypress is a cross between the Nootka and Monterey Cypress, combining their foliage, hardiness and rapid growth into one plant.  In fact, you’ll see up to 3 feet of growth each year with the Leyland Cypress. 

Don’t worry if you have poor soils as the Leyland is hardy enough to handle it. It will thrive under almost any conditions.  The Leyland can reach 60-90 feet in height with 10-15 foot spread in a fraction of the time other evergreens would take to achieve the same. 
As if the Leyland isn’t impressive enough for its growth and hardiness, it will also be a particularly beautiful evergreen for your yard.  The Leyland maintains a lovely bluish-green color, with an upright pyramidal shape.  It will happily accept you trimming it to almost any shape or size and is equally content to maintain its natural compact, conical shape.
For a fast-growing, low-maintenance and hardy evergreen you can’t do better than the Leyland Cypress. 
* Fast-Growing
* Hardy
* Lovely natural color and shape 


Customer Reviews

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use miricale grow on the root system only.the leaf branchdoes not like the chem. Review by fast grower
great tree for privacy.
Needs plenty of space Review by Paul
This tree has a wide spread and needs plenty of space to grow right. The graceful lateral branches break easily under snow pak.
I can almost see it grow Review by Pete
Planted these tree 3 weeks next to a retaining wall and seen it grow a foot already
Very robust and beautiful. Review by Ric Gabona
I have these trees in my property in Oak Harbor, Wa and see a lot of them around. Also seen them grow from start to today and indeed grow very fast. Easily shape and even makes great starting fire for insert and fireplace from the trimmings. Highly recommended for windbreaker and even sound reducer since It grows dense foliage. For very large properties I highly recommend it for privacy screen and even blends well with other trees. The height is easily controlled and cut into half and still survives if you want it to go wider.:)
Fast growing privacy Review by Better today
I bought 4 Leyland Cypress for along an ugly fence line in my yard. They are just are jumping up in my backyard. They really are fast growing!

Items 1 to 5 of 8 total

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Plant Facts

Family X Cupressocyparis leylandii
Foliage Blue Green
Mature Height 60 to 70 feet
Mature Spread 15 to 25 feet
Soil Widely adaptable
Zones 6-10
Moisture Well drained
Mature Form Pyramidal
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Fall Color Green

Leyland Cypress.

Rating: 4.8/5 based on 8 review(s)
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