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The lawn grass category contains some of the hardiest, drought tolerant lawn grasses that are being marketed today. The lawn grass industry has produced grasses that require large amounts of water and fertility to appear at peak conditions. Nature Hills is offering lawn grasses that have superior appearance and requires less than ½ of the water that traditional blue grass requires.

There is probably not one turf grass that will fit all climates and locations. Nature Hills offers a wide variety of grass types so you can choose the best grass turf for your unique needs. Whether it is for your front yard, your back yard, your sports turf area, your commercial building site, your cabin on the lake, your home in the city, or your cottage in the country,  "We Have a Grass for That!"  All of our grasses are selected for their ability to survive on less water and this provides environmental and economic benefits for all of us.

Buffalograss has survived for centuries; through droughts, floods, and insect invasions, with no help from man or his chemicals. It is the only turfgrass that is native to the United States. Types of grass seed and turf grass for your lawn and yard care needs.