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Japanese Shield Fern - Golden Mist

Dryopteris Golden Mist (Wood Fern), Dryopteris labordei 'Golden Mist' , will add a breath of refreshing cool colors to your landscape when its new growth first emerges a golden yellow. This fern is a lacy and beautiful plant. The mature triangular fronds are a glossy, deep green and both deer and rabbit do not like them. With its attractive foliage, Golden Mist makes a perfect addition to any shaded garden; plant on the north side of a building or under trees where it will be protected. This fern thrives in soil that should remain moist but well-drained, though it will tolerate drier soils once it is established. It is best to mulch this fern in the winter to help conserve moisture. Use as a stunning specimen or as a container plant; Golden Mist has many wonderful possibilities for gardeners because of its deep tones and wonderful colors.

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Plant Facts

Family Dryopteris labordei 'Golden Mist'
Foliage Golden Yellow
Mature Height 20-24 inches
Mature Spread 24 inches
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 5-9
Moisture Moderate, Moist
Mature Form Arching
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Exposure Partial Shade, Full Shade

Japanese Shield Fern - Golden Mist.

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