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Honeysuckle - Lemon Beauty

Lemon-Tinted Evergreen

Lemon Beauty Honeysuckle is an evergreen shrub.  Its outstanding, year-round color would make it a fine specimen planting for your yard, or a stand-out accent in a mixed border.  You could even use it as a container planting for your patio.

Your Lemon Beauty Honeysuckle features small, oblong leaves with a delightfully dark green tone.  New growth offers an additional dash of color with its hint of lavender. The foliage is edged with a lemon-yellow border that is sure to catch your eye amid the common evergreens of your landscape.  

Small, white flowers appear at the end of spring.  However, the blossoms don’t resemble those of traditional honeysuckle vines. They are delicate bells that dangle in pairs and are sure to delight your senses with their sweet fragrance.  The flowers later give way to purple berries that ripen in summer and will be relished by your birds.  

Lemon Beauty Honeysuckle will grow to 3-6 feet tall with an equal spread.  It’s fast-growing and has a dense nature.  This shrub is renowned for growing under a wide variety of conditions from heat to cold, moist to dry, and in any soil that is well drained. The ideal location offers morning sun and shade in the hot afternoons.

Evergreen shrubs are a popular choice for home landscapes.  However, why plant a typical evergreen for your home when you can go a step beyond and instead have this Lemon Beauty!

* Lemon-tinted, evergreen foliage
* fragrant flowers
* Wildlife interest
* Hardy


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Plant Facts

Family Lonicera nitida 'Lemon Beauty'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 3-6 feet
Mature Spread 3-6 feet
Soil Normal
Zones 7-9
Moisture Average
Mature Form Upright, dense
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Exposure Full Sun to Partial Shade
Flower Color White

Honeysuckle - Lemon Beauty.

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