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Holly - China Girl®

The Holly 'China Girl', Ilex X meserveae 'Mesog', is a quick growing female selection that has one of the best berry sets of any holly. 'China Boy' is a must companion in order for 'China Girl to set berries. Its growth habit is a dense, upright and rounded form to 10 feet wide. It shears well so it can be kept much smaller, and is useful as a shaped hedge. Choose a sunny to partly sunny site with well-drained soil, making sure there is enough space for shrub to grow to its mature spread; should be sheltered from winter sun and wind. Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Once 'China Girl' is established, usually by the third year, you only need to water in times of drought. The glossy green foliage takes to shearing and shaping well. 'China Girl' is truly an exceptional landscape plant since it is cold hardy and heat tolerant. Use as a privacy hedge, a landscape specimen, accent plant, and it also works well under power lines.

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Plant Facts

Family Ilex X meserveae 'Mesog'
Foliage Evergreen
Mature Height 8 to 10 feet
Mature Spread 6 to 8 feet
Soil Well Drained
Zones 4-9
Moisture Average
Mature Form Upright, rounded
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Exposure Full Sun to Partial Shade
Flower Color White
Fall Color Evergreen

Holly - China Girl®.

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