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Feather Reed Grasses

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2 Item(s)


Feather reed grasses create a stunning vertical effect with their feathery stalks.  Providing amazing texture and motion to the landscape, these clump forming grasses start to show their green foliage in early spring and flowering occurs in June or July.   When autumn arrives the flowers change color.  The grain heads can persist well into the winter.  These grasses provide year around interest and need maintenance a couple times per year.  

Feather reed grasses tolerate a variety of growing conditions, from full sun to part shade and wet to dry conditions.  Choose a location with rich moist soil; the plant can also take dry poor soils, even clay.  These grasses are used around water gardens, in borders, as a specimen, or use as a backdrop for perennials.  Feather reed grasses will add a new architectural dimension wherever they are planted.  Ornamental grasses look good with each other, so make room for several well-placed grasses of various sizes.  Prune back in late autumn or early spring, and divide every couple of years.

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