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Bowles Golden Sedge

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Gold Grass Loves Water

Bowles Golden Sedge Grass, Carex elata 'Bowles Golden', has dazzling bright gold foliage with narrow green margins that make Carex 'Bowles Golden' really stand out in the garden.

The attractive arching habit and its bright foliage color make a great companion plant for Heucheras.

This variety thrives in consistently moist soils, and it can also be grown in shallow water at the edge of a garden pond. The more sun, the more color you get in the foliage!

It is an excellent choice as a highlight plant for a shade or water garden. Since Carex Bowles Golden is a moisture loving grass, and will grow in shallow water, it looks great around a pond with blue hostas.

In northern climates, it should be kept from winter winds and provided with some protection such as snow or straw. If plants look tattered in early spring, cut them back to the ground. The new foliage will quickly fill back in.

Add color to your landscape!

* Golden Leaves
* Loves Water
* Sun Brings More Color


Plant Facts

Family Carex Bowles Golden
Foliage Gold
Mature Height 2 to 3 feet
Mature Spread 2 to 3 feet
Soil Widely adaptable
Zones 6-8
Mature Form Arching
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Exposure Partial shade
Fall Color Brown

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