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Garlic - Porcelain - German Porcelain - Org

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German Porcelain Organic Garlic (Hardneck) grows a very large bulb containing 4 to 5 very large, and easy-to-peel cloves. The white wrappers have delicate purple stripes. This one is Number One on taste! Geman Porcelain is a good hardneck keeper and does well in any climate. Very best in taste without all the heat! This variety should be planted in the fall. Garlic survives bitterly cold winters underground and then grows rapidly when the weather warms in spring; bulbs in summer. Garlic needs fertile soil with lots of organic matter. The soil needs to remain uncompacted through the long growing season. Harvesting them at the right time is very important. The smaller you chop garlic, the more pungent it becomes. Whole cooked garlic cloves are quite mild, with a nutty flavor.

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