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Gardening Community: Our gardening community contains several blogs, a large gardening forum and a place to share photos. Share your passion for gardening with other like-minded people. Get your questions answered and learn from others.

Cooperative Extension Offices: Find your local county cooperative extension office with our new office list. Your local cooperative extension office can be a valuable resource for expert gardening advice for your locale.

Plant Care Resource Guide: Find excellent how-to instructions on planting, handling and care. Great resource for planting and caring for plants that you buy from us.

FAQs: Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding our products and our plants.

Plant Glossary of terms: Find the definitions to the terms you may find on our site and in the industry.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map: Find what trees/shrubs can survive in your geographic location.

Customer Support: Find out how to contact us or submit an online customer service request to us.

Privacy Policy: Read how we protect your information and our pledge to maintain your privacy.


Garden Articles

Nature Hills has compiled and made available various gardening articles by our contributing authors. We hope you find these articles helpful and enjoyable!

Recent Article Additions

Flowering Shrubs
Garden Shrubs
Shade Shrubs
Trees and Shrubs
Landscaping Shrubs
Botanical Drugs and Medicines
The Facts and Fiction of Man-eating Plants
The World's 10 Most Unbelievable Plants that really do Exist
Beautiful and Amazing Parks and Gardens
Achillea Profiled
Ants in your Plants
Beginner's Herb Garden
Butterfly Gardening
Cutting Garden
Daffodils for a Long Season of Bloom
Hooked on Hostas
Oregano: 2005 Herb of the Year
Poolside Pots
Rose and Clematis Companions
Rose of Sharon Profiled
Silver in the Landscape
Sweet Peas
To Bee or not to Bee
Tree Shopping
Tulips with Impact
Why Coleus?
Why Daffodils?
Why Groundcovers?
Why Hardy Hibiscus?
Why Hostas?
Why Lilacs?
Why Ornamental Grasses?
Wildlife Hedge
Wisteria Lane
Apple Trees – Narrowing Down Your Choices of Varieties
Cherry Trees – Kingpins of the Fruit Tree Family
Growing Fruit Trees – Zone Specifications Critical for Success
Lemon Trees – Most Versatile of All The Citrus Fruits
Orange Trees – Most Favored in the Citrus Family
Peach Trees – Planting and Pruning for Larger Fruit
Pear Tree Varieties – Differences Between Asian and European Pear Trees


Garden Bytes Gardening Videos

We are excited to introduce Nature Hills Nursery Garden Bytes - instructional gardening videos that will include gardening advice, planting tips and other garden ideas. An informative gardening video can answer hundreds of questions we get everyday, so we will use customers' most common questions to identify the themes of each Garden Bytes video. We hope you find our Garden Bytes video series helpful! You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay updated on all new videos.

Gardening Videos List

- How to Plant a Potted Tree or Shrub
- Proper Plant & Rose Bush Pruning Tips
- Pine Tree Problem Area Landscaping Tips
- Fertilizing Plants the Proper Way
- Lawn Care Tips - Preparing your Lawn for Fall & Winter
- Watering Tips for your Plants & Lawn


Our Latest Garden Bytes Video

Watering Tips for your Plants & Lawn
This Garden Bytes video offers watering tips for your trees, plants or lawn. Kevin explains how to know how much and how often to water a plant and the best times to water. Watering is crucial to ensure a healthy lawn and garden so we hope you find these garden watering tips helpful.

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