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Garden Delight Nectarine

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Small in Stature, but BIG at Harvest

Garden Delight Nectarine is a dwarf, fruiting tree.  One would easily fit almost anywhere in your yard, and is especially effective if you have limited space.  Garden Delight would also be perfect as a container plant for your patio.

Just as its name implies, this nectarine tree is a “delight”!  Small in stature, but not small at harvest time, Garden Delight produces large fruit of exceptional quality with little care or space required. 

You’ll first fall in love with your Garden Delight in the spring, when a late April shower of fragrant, hot-pink blooms blanket your tree with brilliant color.  Each bright, double blossom is a masterpiece in itself with its bright pink petals and darker centers. 

The dense, green foliage of your Garden Delight will take over for a time, eventually providing a lovely backdrop for the late harvest fruit that develops.

Garden Delight Nectarines are large, freestone fruits with a red-kissed, yellow skin.  The flesh is yellow and has a sweet, orange-like flavor.  They’re refreshingly juicy and delicious right off your tree or can easily be used in culinary dishes. 

Your tree is heavy-bearing, so you can be assured of a sumptuous harvest each year.  Your Garden Delight Nectarine will grow about 4-6 feet in height, so it’s very easy to manage even in limited spaces, as well as simple to protect from unexpected frosts. 

It’s self-fruiting so you can try just one if you like, but we’re sure you’ll want more than one after trying this exceptional nectarine variety.

* Sweet, orange-flavored peach
* Spring display
* Dwarf
* Self-fertile
* Heavy bearing


Plant Facts

Family Persica var. nucipersica 'Garden Delight'
Mature Height Dwarf: 5 - 6 Feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 5-9
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Characteristics Freestone, sweet
Bloom Period Mid-Season
Harvest Period August

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