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Pruning Rose Of Sharon

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon blooms later than most shrubs.  Satin rose and other rose of sharons, produces beautiful saucer size blossoms begin in the summer and continue until fall.   Pruning rose of sharon each spring will produce fewer flowers, but they will be much larger.  If you give it an occasional pruning, it will produce an array of smaller blooms that will cover the entire shrub.

This shrub can be trained through pruning in late winter, and that way it is easy to give it a desired shape and size.  This shrub may also be trained as a single trunk tree or espalier (training a plant to grow on a trellis or in a small area).

Rose of Sharon, such as Freedom, can be used in an area where space is limited or can be used to create a stunning landscape feature.  Rose of Sharon prefers full sun and well-drained soil.

Some taller Rose of Sharon are: Aphrodite, Blue Bird, Blue Chiffon, Blue Satin, Blush Satin, Helene, Red Heart, and Minerva

Some smaller Rose of Sharon are Freedom and Lil’ Kim,

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