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Spirea Care

Spiraea broken down by color and size

Spiraea (smaller growers)

The red to pink colored spireas offered by Nature Hills. Prune this group early spring as low as you like:

- Anthony Waterer - foliage emerges reddish, then turns a deep blue-green, flowers are a raspberry red color and rebloom when deadheaded. Fall foliage turns a deep red purple.
- Crispa - beautifully serrate leaves emerge reddish purple and age to dark green and all new growth is always colorfully red. The flowers are a raspberry colored and fade as the age, and rebloom in deadheaded. The fall color is a beautiful purplish color.
- Double Play Artisan - foliage emerges beautiful purple red, and ages to green. The flowers are pink and rebloom if deadheaded.
- Froebelii - the foliage emerges with a bit of red blood in them quickly turning green, the flowers are pink and will rebloom if deadheaded, and the fall color is an excellent red purple.

Spiraea (smaller growers)

The yellow colored spireas offered by Nature Hills. Prune this group early spring as low as you like.

- Dakota Goldcharm - foliage emerges bronzy aging to yellow and gold. The flowers are a bright pink fading as they age, and deadheading promotes faster rebloom. The fall color is burgundy-rust.
- Double Play Big Bang - beautiful emerging orange foliage ages to gold and yellow, massive pink flowers reblooming if deadheaded, and then the fall color is a myriad of orange, gold and yellow late into the season.
- Flaming Mound Spiraea - foliage emerges flaming red and aging to golden yellow, pink flowers in clusters rebloom if deadheaded, and beautiful coppery-orange fall color to finish off the season.
- Goldflame - golden yellow new foliage ages to yellow green, has pink flowers clusters and reblooms if deadheaded, and in fall has radiant coppery-orange color
- Goldmound - foliage emerging lemon yellow and aging to lime green sporting small light pink flower clusters will also rebloom if deadheaded, and fall color changes to coppery orange and yellow.
- Glow Girl - a Birchleaf Spiraea with lemon lime colored foliage that holds its color well all season. The reddish flower buds open to white flowers, and in fall the leaves turn amber, yellow and orange to complete the show.

Spiraea (smaller growers)

The green foliage spireas. Prune this group early spring as low as you like.

- Fritschiana - foliage emerges and stays green all summer, the flower clusters are pure white, and the foliage turns yellow and orange in fall. A wider, spreading and more informal plant compared to most others.
- Tor Birchleaf - foliage is rich green, has pure white flowers, and in the fall the color changes to orange and red-purple.
- Japanese White - another green leaved selection with pure white flowers that if deadheaded will rebloom. Little fall color is noticed.
- Little Princess - tiny green leaves give way to small, light pink flowers and reblooming if deadheaded. Fall color is orange and red.

Spiraea (larger growing)

Spring blooming green leaved forms that get pruned AFTER the blooms are done in mid spring. (If any of these become overgrown, they can all be cut to the ground right after bloom and allowed to grow and the new growth produced will flower the next spring).

- Bridal Wreath - (Spiraea x Vanhouttei) taller 6-8’ vase shaped plants with white flower clusters all along the stems in May. Only flowers once in spring and the foliage is blue-green all season long.
- Renaissance - a more refined slightly smaller grower (5-7’) than the bridal wreath with white flowers all along the stems only one set of blooms each spring.
- Grefsheim - a mid-sized 4-5’ fine textured grower with early pure white flowers all along the stems, small blue green leaves turn coppery colored in fall
- Snowmound - another midsized 4’ grower with pure white flowers all along the stems, and green leaves with little fall color.

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    Hedge of Renaissance Spirea Hedge of Renaissance Spirea


    A super popular smaller flowering shrub in which we have seen an explosion of new selections over the years because of their versatility. There has been much hybridization and many cultivars released because of the great and varied sizes, color and multi-seasonal interest. Nature Hills basically sells two different types of Spirea, the smaller selections that re-bloom, and the larger growers that bloom early and are done for the year. Spirea are hardy and easy to grow. Some of the older cultivars have been around since the early 1900’s and are still being grown today. Continue reading

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