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Peony Care

Proper peony care will allow the beautiful flowers to live for up to a hundred years. Peony care is very easy to do, as the plants are well known to be able to fend for themselves. Slight human intervention, however, will increase the chance of survival.

The first part is to ensure that proper growing conditions are available. The peony flower needs a good deal of direct sunlight to grow readily. The soil should also be dry to moist and have a good deal of drainage provided. The flower will usually survive if not enough water is given, but too much water can easily lead to root rot.

The second part of peony care is providing proper support. The large blooms of the plant can oftentimes become too heavy for the stem alone to support them. While drooping blooms will not actually kill the plant, they will shorten the life span. When a plant begins to droop, a stake planted firmly next to the flower and attached loosely with string will greatly help to support the plant.

Another part is proper pruning. This should be done in the late autumn, shortly after the first frost. All foliage of the plant should be removed to within a few inches of the ground. This should be done as late as possible, as the leaves will help the flower to store food for the coming winter.

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  • Fernleaf Peony

    Fernleaf Peony FlowersA fernleaf peony is a flower that must be displayed front and center. The flower is a deep red double bloom that emerges early and lasts long. The foliage of a fernleaf peony is very frilly and looks like a fern. The blooms are large, but unlike taller growing peonies, the fern peony grows only about a foot high and has no problem of falling over under the weight of the bloom.

    The fernleaf peony is very interesting to look at indeed. With foliage of a light green, the bright red blooms stand out strikingly. The green foliage shoots off of the sturdy stem in a way similar to the needles of a conifer tree. The new spring foliage has a reddish tint to it before turning a lovely green in the spring, followed by bronze and purple tints in the autumn. Continue reading

  • Transplanting and Planting Peonies

    Almost Blooming Peony FlowerPeony plants are beginning to show up more in gardens all around the world. This is due to more gardeners receiving the word about how beautiful these plants can be when placed in the proper setting. Peony plants are also somewhat easier to grow than other plants, due to their nature to be able to sustain themselves without much human interference.

    Peony plants work in a variety of setting in the garden. They make excellent focus points, with their dense green foliage and large bold blooms. The lower growing peony plants, such as the fernleaf peony, also make excellent border plants and accents. The fernleaf peony plant is also very useful to plant in front of other flowers in order to hide foliage that may fall off earlier in the season than others. Continue reading

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