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Maple Tree Care

Maple tree care begins when considering where to plant the tree. Most maple trees prefer a site that is generally in full sun to partial shade. Different varieties of maple tree care for different soil conditions. Some enjoy soil that is moist and well drained, while others can be tolerant of flooding or drought. The fertilizer that should be used will also depend on the type of maple tree in question.

Once the tree begins to grow. A stake may be required in areas that are windy until the roots have a chance to establish themselves. Pruning may also be necessary. Different maple trees grow in different ways, and many can also be trained. Some maple trees have only on main trunk, called a central leader. Others can be trained to have a central leader. This depends on the type of tree and the result that the landscaper is looking for.

You also need to ensure that the proper growing conditions are consistent throughout the life of a tree. The conditions may change if a tree planted nearby grows faster and begins to block out the sunlight from the maple tree. In these cases, the best option may be to transplant the tree to another area of the landscape in order for direct sunlight to be provided for the tree.

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  • Tapping Maple Trees for Syrup

    How to Tap a Maple Tree for Syrup:

    Learn how to use a "Spile" to tap into your maple tree to harvest syrup from the tree and make your very own delicious home made syrup.

    1.  Get a syrup spile, drill, and the correct size of drill bit.

    2.  Drill at an upward angle into the tree, deep enough for the spile.

    3.  Hammer in the spile and attach the bucket.

    4.  Cover the bucket to protect from the elements.

    5.  It is best to do this early winter when daytimes are above freezing, and nighttime is freezing.

    Continue reading

  • Planting Maple Trees

    Planting Sugar Maple TreesPlanting maple trees can be a very straightforward process. It is similar to the act of planting most other trees. There are some considerations, however, to understand before planting maple trees. First of all is the root system of maple trees. Some maple trees, like the Silver maple, have very intrusive root systems. They can grow large and often break or destroy sidewalks, or basement walls. They should be planted away from such areas.

    Gardeners or landscapers interested in planting maple trees should also consider the location in relation to other plants. Some maple trees, such as the Norway maple, have a root system that is just below the surface of the soil. These maple trees would compete with any plants nearby for the nutrients and water in the soil. When planting maple trees near existing plants, it is important to know that the existing plants may die from lack of nutrients, or they may kill the maple tree. Continue reading

  • Maple Tree Root System

    Maple Trees in the GardenThe maple tree root system is one of the most important factors to consider before planting a maple tree in a home garden. Different types of maple trees have different types of root systems. Some are small and compact; others can be large and sparse. Some maple tree root systems are deep, while others are just below the surface.

    The silver maple tree root system is one of the most intrusive of all the maple tree root systems. The silver maple tree root system is large and has very strong roots. They will easily grow up and raise cement sidewalks and porches. Planted near a house, the silver maple tree root system has even been known to break through a basement wall and cause significant structural damage. In order to prevent this, pruning of the silver maple leaf root system must be done, and not taken lightly. Continue reading

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