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Honeysuckle Care

A honeysuckle is a plant that can range from a vine to a shrub. There are around one hundred eighty different varieties of honeysuckle. Some of them are deciduous and some are evergreen. Many of the deciduous honeysuckle can also be evergreen in warmer climates.

The height of a mature honeysuckle varies by species, but usually ranges from one to three feet tall. The hardiness of a honeysuckle plant also varies by species, with most hardy in zones five through eight.

A honeysuckle plant is most desired for its sweetly scented flowers, which are generally trumpet shaped, as well as for their decorative fruit, which will attract birds. The beautiful blooms appear in late winter to early spring and will last until long into the summer months. The flower color will range from white to yellow to bright red or rose. The flowers will primarily appear on new growth, but old wood will produce blooms in some species of honeysuckle.

Some honeysuckle plants will work as a perfect ground cover. These are primarily the vine honeysuckle species. Many of them are intrusive, and will often strangle nearby bushes or shrubs if proper care and maintenance is not provided. A honeysuckle ground cover works well as erosion prevention as well. They work excellently on slopes and banks that have good sunlight access.

Honeysuckle plants prefer full sun to partial shade, and require a variety of different water conditions, varying by species. Most of the types of honeysuckle prefer a moderate amount of moisture in order to thrive. Mulch should be applied to a honeysuckle in order to keep the roots shaded and moist. Plant tips should be pruned to encourage a bushier honeysuckle.

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  • Planting Honeysuckle

    Honeysuckle BushPlanting honeysuckle is easy, as they generally require no aftercare to thrive, aside from occasional pruning. Once a suitable site is selected, the hole should be dug large enough for the root system to spread out. The roots should be only a few inches underneath the surface of the soil, as they require air to grow properly. Once in place, the plant should be watered.

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  • Growing Honeysuckle

    Red Honeysuckle FlowerGrowing honeysuckle is a fun and easy activity for any gardener. Honeysuckle is relatively easy to care for, if the proper conditions are given. Most honeysuckle plants require full sun, yet some will tolerate partial shade. Honeysuckle plants also need a good amount of moisture in the soil to thrive, but standing water may cause rot. The best thing to do when growing honeysuckle is to mulch heavily near the base of the plant. This will allow the soil to maintain moisture and also provide shade for the root system. Continue reading

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