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Gardening Tips

  • Growing Clematis And Roses Together

    Clematis And Rose FlowersFrom Rhonda Fleming Hayes. A Master Gardener and contributing writer for Nature Hills Nursery.

    The rose is probably the most well-known, well-loved flower in the garden. Clematis is called “queen of the vines’. Such is the beauty of these two flowers; they can hold their own in any landscape. Combine them, and the effect is magical.

    I first saw this done while living in England. The British are masters when it comes to roses. Roses plants aren’t left to stand alone with their bare legs exposed. They are integrated in the herbaceous border or underplanted with perennials like lavender or lady’s mantle in formal beds. Their climbing roses often intermingle with twining clematis. Continue reading

  • June Gardening Tips For Zones 4 & 5

    Zones 4 & 5 June Gardening TipsJune is where summer makes her grand entrance, and gardeners everywhere are busy with what they love best...gardening!  There is still time to add a fresh landscape with a re-do of an overgrown one, or complete your planting for a new landscape plan done by our professionals.  Now is also a great time to plan for a new planting this fall, too.

    Now that the soils have warmed, it's a great time for the addition of a good organic layer of mulch to your planting beds for weed prevention and better soil moisture retention (2-3" layer).  Be very careful not to mound the mulch up around the trunks of trees, as it can kill the tree.  "Tree volcano's" are not good for trees or shrubs.
    Continue reading

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