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Gardenia Bush Care

Gardenias sport the most absolutely, most elegant, most fragrant, pure white flowers that a plant can produce! No wonder so many brides like to carry them in their bouquets. The super shiny leaves are leathery and deep, dark green. The contrast between that killer foliage and the pure white flowers is unbeatable and most likely the reason that Gardenia plants are hugely popular.

In warm climates, Gardenias rule. They are great landscape plants that hold that incredible foliage all year round. There are more than 140 different Species of Gardenias. Nature Hills has taken out the guess work and selected a nice group of cultivars in varying sizes and hardiness… there is sure to be one that works for you!

Gardenia plants are great in the landscape, but also make incredible container plants for you to enjoy at your front door or on your patio. The fragrant flowers continue to be produced and continue to please.

Adequate water and higher humidity is required to grow Gardenias, but be careful not to let the roots sit in water. More frequent watering if the soils can drain. They are shallow rooted plants so don’t let them dry out or disturb the roots, and keep them mulched. Another thing to keep Gardenias happy is a lower soil pH by adding soil sulfur at planting, and they appreciate an organic, peaty soil. Full sun is best with some protection from the heat of the day in the warmer climates.

Check out the mature size and hardiness of each of the selections that we are growing for you. Most are in the 2-4’ range which makes them perfect foundation plants. The dwarf selections are perfect for pots to be used in high visibility areas and place where you can enjoy the fragrance.

* Handsome, deep green, shiny foliage year round
* Elegant, recurring pure white and hugely fragrant flowers continue throughout the year
* Outstanding foundation plants
* Excellent container plants for porches and patios
* Great evergreen hedging plants that need little pruning
* Easy to grow in sunny locations if good moisture
* Deer and disease resistant
* Attracts wildlife and pollinators

  • Gardenia Shrubs Rock: A Cheat Sheet for Making Them Work for You

    Crown Jewel Gardenia Crown Jewel Gardenia


    Why Choose Gardenia Plants?

    Frost Proof Gardenia Frost Proof Gardenia

    One would think that if you googled “summer” a picture of a Gardenia should come up. In the dictionary, if you looked up the word “summer” there would be a description of the fragrance of a Gardenia flower. Gardenia flowers have a sweet, heady, fragrance that really just says summer.  That is why everyone wants to have Gardenias in their landscape, as cut flowers, and as popular bridal bouquets. The foliage is deep, dark, shiny green and evergreen… wow.

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