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Dogwood Tree & Bush Care

The Dogwood tree species is one of the most attractive flowering trees in North America. When inquiring about Dogwood in a roomful of spring landscapers, the Dogwood makes every ones top ten lists.

There are many cultivars to choose from when researching about Dogwood. The various cultivars allow for unique choices of flower color for the spring landscape and for unique form for summer and fall landscapes. The Dogwood trees display two wonderful qualities. They are best known for their spring blooms, and for anyone interested in learning about Dogwood, they also provide fine fall foliage.

Cornus florida is the native flowering dogwood tree in the U.S., where it is commonly referred to simply as, "flowering dogwood tree," as if there were no other. The flowering dogwood tree has fall foliage that is so attractive and popular to landscaping enthusiasts in the U.S. Dogwoods are adaptable to several types of soils; however, they naturally grow in moist, fertile soils high in organic matter.

They are never found in poorly drained locations in the woods. Their primary demands are good soil drainage and protection from drought. Planting in poorly drained areas will usually result in the tree dying. Best results will be obtained when dogwoods are planted in association with larger trees that provide moderate shade. In the wild the dogwood is commonly found as an understory tree growing under hardwoods and pines. Growth problems are more likely in hot, dry exposures. On the other hand, planting in dense shade will likely result in poor flowering.

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