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Daylily Care

The first step to daylily care is to know when to plant. In the northern, colder climates, daylilies should be planted in the spring. Planting daylilies in the fall can be fatal, as they often do not have enough time to form a strong enough root structure to survive the winter.

In warmer climates of the south, early spring or very late fall planting will be the best choices, as planting when the temperature and humidity are high will increase the chance of rot. Knowing where and how to plant are also important to daylily care. While needing at least six hours of direct sunlight per day, the daylilies will prefer full sun.

Daylily plants also will adapt to almost any soil condition, provided that it is well draining. The daylily should be planted at roughly the same depth that it arrived in. The hole dug should be large enough for the entire root mass, and then some. The roots of the daylily plant should be spread out in the entire hole, and have adequate room to grow further.

The next step in daylily care is the maintenance. Watering will be most important in the spring, when the plants are growing the most, as well as in the summer, during the bloom season. Watering should be deep, and reach eight to ten inches below the surface of the soil. Fertilizer should be used, with older clumps being fertilizer more than younger ones. Mulching will help to retain moisture, and provide for healthier daylilies.

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  • Transplanting Daylilies

    Transplanting DayliliesOftentimes, a garden will become dense with plants that have grown into clumps and do not spread the way they used to. This is because many plants will not propagate great distances on their own.

    One way to thin out areas of the garden as well as spread plants further than they would naturally is through dividing and transplanting them. When dividing and transplanting daylilies, there are some basic steps to follow.
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