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Cherry Tree Care

A cherry tree is a flowering deciduous tree that bears fruit. The fruit of the cherry tree are round, with a depression at the apex. The skin of the fruit is smooth and ranges from pale to very deep red, although there are some white and yellow cultivars. The fruit of the cherry tree is generally either sweet or sour, but there are a few intermediate types.

A cherry tree ranges in size from six to thirty feet, depending on the cultivar. There are also some shrub cherry trees. A cherry tree has distinct reddish brown bark. The bark of a cherry tree has rows or patches of horizontal markings called lenticels. The foliage of a cherry tree is pale to dark green. The leaves are two to six inches long, and have a finely toothed edge.

The cherry tree is in the same genus as prunes and plums, but the fruit is much smaller. The geographical range of a cherry tree is throughout most of Asia and Europe, northern Africa and most of North America. Originally from Asia, the cherry tree also includes cultivars that will grow in arctic regions. Most breeds, however, thrive best in zones four through eight.

Cherry tree wood is a beautiful red and fine grained. Strong enough for tool handles, cabinetmakers once valued the cherry tree wood. The leaves of a cherry tree are droopy, and the flowers are arranged in umbels, meaning that each is on the end of a long stalk. In the autumn months, the leaves of a cherry tree will turn beautiful colors, ranging from pink, orange and crimson to brown.

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  • Planting Cherry Trees

    Planting Cherry TreesPlanting cherry trees in a home garden will allow for delicious fruit that everybody can enjoy. Planting cherry trees does not differ much from planting other types of trees, but there are some special things to consider when planting these fruit trees.
    One is that they are typically not self-pollinating, meaning that only one tree in the garden will generally not be able to produce much fruit. Planting two or more different species with similar bloom times is a good idea.
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  • Pruning Cherry Trees

    dead cherry tree branchOne of the primary problems faced by gardeners when growing cherry trees is that they do not understand how to prune a cherry tree properly.  Pruning cherry trees plays an important role in ensuring proper growth and fruit production. Before growing one, any gardener must fully understand how to prune a cherry tree properly.

    Before understanding how to prune a cherry tree, it is important to know how cherry trees grow. Cherry trees are central leader trees.  This means that there is one main upright trunk, called the leader. All branches will sprout and grow out of this.

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