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Butterfly Bush Care

Butterfly bush care is pretty easy for any gardener to do. Butterfly bushes are known for their ability to survive in many different situations that would oftentimes kill other plants and shrubs. They are relatively drought tolerant and will survive with the heavy pollution of urban areas. The most important part of butterfly bush maintenance is watering them. Butterfly bushes will need a fair amount of water during the hotter summer months, but not a whole lot. Once established, butterfly bushes will survive with watering as infrequently as once a month. Butterfly bushes will also grow better when given a light fertilizer in the early spring months. Read our articles below on specific tips for pruning, propagating, and caring for your butterfly bush!

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  • Butterfly Bush Propagation

    butterfly bush flowerPropagation of butterfly bushes is easy to do. There are several ways to spread these lovely flowering shrubs, and no one is better than the others. Seeds can be sown throughout the area desired, and the plants will grow themselves. Butterfly bush seeds can be found in most nurseries and garden centers.
    Another way of propagating butterfly bushes is by cuttings. Cut off a branch near a healthy bud.  The branch should then be planted in fertile soil with direct sunlight and watered regularly until the roots take hold. This will grow into a full sized butterfly bush in a few years.

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  • Butterfly Bush Pruning

    Butterflybush Cut DownPruning butterfly bushes is an integral part of maintaining these beautiful flowering shrubs. It is fairly easy to prune a butterfly bush, as they are very tough plants. Butterfly bushes will survive just about any level of pruning they are given at any time of the year. There are, however, pruning techniques that will assure faster growth and better blooms.

    Butterfly bush pruned to ground levelWhen the butterfly bush goes dormant, during the winter of zones five and six, is when the most pruning should take place. During this time pruning butterfly bushes should be done all the way to the ground. This will usually take place some time after the first frost, when the above ground parts of the bush appear dead. In zones eight and up, the butterfly bush will be evergreen, and can be pruned to the ground at any time.

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