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Nature Hills Nursery Garden Blog

Our blog is meant to help gardeners grow healthy and beautiful plants. The posts come from our great community of garden enthusiasts, writers, and bloggers!

  • A Unique Way to Use Strawberry Plants In the Landscape

    blooming strawberry plants

    Maybe you don’t have a vegetable garden at your home, and maybe you don’t want to add one now…but check this new idea out:


    Include your favorite strawberry plants in your landscape as a ground cover plant. Beautiful glossy green leaves are just starting to grow in many parts of the country right now. Soon after they start growing their glossy green leaves, they make beautiful white flowers. The flowers come on hard and strong. Soon after the flowers, you will be picking the fruit.

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  • Gardenia Shrubs Rock: A Cheat Sheet for Making Them Work for You

    Crown Jewel Gardenia Crown Jewel Gardenia


    Why Choose Gardenia Plants?

    Frost Proof Gardenia Frost Proof Gardenia

    One would think that if you googled “summer” a picture of a Gardenia should come up. In the dictionary, if you looked up the word “summer” there would be a description of the fragrance of a Gardenia flower. Gardenia flowers have a sweet, heady, fragrance that really just says summer.  That is why everyone wants to have Gardenias in their landscape, as cut flowers, and as popular bridal bouquets. The foliage is deep, dark, shiny green and evergreen… wow.

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  • 8 Plants That Rebloom for 3 Seasons of Flowers



    After the first flush of spring flowers, gardeners are often left wanting – the centerpiece shrubs and perennials to their yard only provide color for a few weeks. But, there’s a solution in rebloomers! Rebloomers are landscape plants that will continue to bloom after their first blooming period. Read on for eight fantastic solutions for reblooming perennials that you should have in your yard if you want three seasons of blooms. 

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  • Top 10 U.S. Colleges to Attend for Botany Degrees



    Admit it. You love plants. You wouldn’t have found your way to Nature Hills Nursery if you didn’t. Of course, there are different levels of love. There is the “I want my yard to look nice” level. Or the “I want to know all of the plants native to my area” level. There is even the “I’d like to learn the Latin names of all my neighbor’s weeds” level. But if you are at the “I want to work with plants every day for the rest of my life and change the world while I do it” level, then there is only one path for you. You need a degree in botany. Continue reading

  • Holly: Pruning for Hedges and Screens


    Holly are popularly used as sheared formal hedges Hollies are Popularly Used as Dense Sheared Formal Hedges


    Nature Hills Nursery offers many evergreen selections of Holly in many forms and sizes. Our nurseries grow many types because they are so desirable in the landscape. Beautiful pointed, serrate, and oak leaf types of foliage that stay on the evergreen varieties year-round. These elegant plants can be used for screening and sheared formal hedges with the added bonus of  cheerful fruit. Most of these plants have sharp pointed leaves that can be sharp so be careful.

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  • Health Benefits of Aronia Berries

    Aronia Shrub also called Chokeberry Aronia Shrub (also called Chokeberry)


    Aronia plants are known as chokeberry plants… we know that name is not very appealing. On the contrary, Chokeberry plants offer multi-seasonal interest with flowers, fruit, fall color, and fruit that persists all winter long. Continue reading

  • Valentine's Day Easy Elegance Mystic Fairy Rose Giveaway

    Enter to win 1 of 5 Easy Elegance Mystic Fairy rose shrubs. From, National Garden Bureau, and Easy Elegance Roses!
    Easy Elegance Mystic Fairy Rose

  • 9 Perennials to Use in Cut Flower Arrangements



    Bringing flowers in from your yard will be sure to have guests consistently asking you "who's your florist?". Consider these nine species for eye-catching, dramatic arrangements that will spike

    conversation and be one of the beautiful focal points of your entertaining space.

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  • Juniper 101: Discover the Basics of Juniper Shrubs

    Mini Arcade Juniper Mini Arcade Juniper


    Nature Hills offers many different Juniper selections, and the forms vary greatly. If you have a hot, dry, sunny area – we have a Juniper for you. Once established, Junipers require very little additional water in most areas, and care is quite simple. Look at the different Junipers that our nurseries grow and see where you can work them into your landscape. Continue reading

  • Are Holly Berries Poisonous to Humans & Animals?

    Holly Close Up Fruit on a Female Holly Shrub


    Wreath Made of Holly Wreath Made of Holly

    Remember there are two different types of Holly plants, the evergreen types, and the deciduous types (the ones that lose their leaves in winter). Most of the Holly plants have separate male plants and female plants, and only the female plants will produce the berries. The berries are very showy, and on most of the varieties produce red fruits, but some are blue, black, yellow, or white. The fruit production makes the plants very desirable and attractive to wildlife and people or children. Cut branches are many times used indoors for holiday and winter decorations. Holly branches are perfect indoors for people with allergies as they do not contain dust, pollen or fragrances. Once indoors, the berries may dry and fall off which may make them available to children or pets to find and sample.

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