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Fruit Trees & Sunlight

Adequate sunlight is required to grow your own fruit. Fruit trees need sunlight as it is a vital link in the photosynthesis process.

The energy from the sunlight allows the tree to transform carbon dioxide and water to carbohydrates which allows for healthy growth of the trees. Fruit trees on average need a minimum of 7 - 8 hours of sunlight daily to grow and produce fruit.

Don't be confused by filtered sunlight, the trees need full sunlight to produce the desired results of fruit production. When selecting a spot in your yard to plant your fruit trees, make sure the area has a minimum of 7 - 8 hours of sunlight.

If you have a spot in your yard that receives sun most of the day in the spring and summer, that would be the ideal spot to plant your fruit trees. A spot that faces the south would be ideal.

Normally, a site that faces the south will warm up earlier in the spring and the soil will warm up faster. If you are in a warmer climate, a north facing slope may give your fruit trees some heat relief from the intense sunlight.

Whether you decide to plant applecherrypeachplumapricot or the many other varieties of fruit trees, keep in mind that your site selection is very important to determining your success.

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