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Banana Trees

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A great majority of consumers in the United States have not had the opportunity to grow, or even see, a
banana plant. Edible bananas simply cannot not grow in cooler climates, so subsequently, do not
produce fruit; they need a tropical climate. The good news is that we do have access to banana plants
that can be grown in colder climates, or in containers that can be moved inside during the winter.
Consumers can get the tropical look from ornamental banana plants similar to those offered by Nature
Hills; however, these will not fruit in colder climates.

Banana plants grow fast in warm weather, and the hardier varieties can be allowed to freeze in the
winter. They will regrow from the root system in the spring. Ornamental bananas can grow in less than
ideal soils, but they prefer deep, well-drained soils with an acidic pH above 5.0. Placing a few banana
plants around a pool or in backyard gardens (containerized or planted) will definitely help create a
tropical feel.

The ornamental, fiber banana tree, (Musa basjoo) can grow up to 2 feet a week while producing huge
green leaves up to 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. These large leaves will certainly get your attention!

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