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Pluot Trees

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Pluots are a cross between the apricot and the plum. The pluot produces a fruit that exhibits the best qualities of both fruits and pluots are easy to grow. Pluot fruits are sweeter and have a finer texture than plums. The fruits are closer to a plum in texture and flavor but they are sweet and have some apricot coloring. Pluots can be successfully grown all over the United States or about any location in zones 5 through 9. Pluots are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. They are low in fat, and are sodium and cholesterol free.

Pluot fruit trees are fast growing and are very showy in the landscape. Pluots are a 3 season plant. They exhibit showy flowers in the spring, produce tasty fruit in the summer and colorful leaves in the fall. Ripe pluot fruit is very fragrant. The fruit should be handled carefully just as you would a plum. Their sweetness makes it a great ingredient for cooking recipes. Delicious when added to a fruit salad. Pluots are eaten as fresh fruit, made into jam, as a sauce on pancakes and in blended drinks.

Pluot fruit trees may need a pollinator to produce fruit. When a pollinator is needed, use a Japanese plum or follow the nurseries recommendations. We offer several pluot fruit tree varieties and they are displayed below.
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