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Cherry Plum Tree

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Cherry Plum Delight tree are a combination of two hybrid trees. The Cherry Plum Delight is a hybrid created by crossing the cherry plum and the Japanese plum. This combination produces fruit that is flavorful and tangy. The Cherry Plum Delight produces heavy crops even under adverse conditions. The Sprite Cherry Plum is a cross of the Japanese plum and the cherry plum. The Sprite Delight produces a sweet, flavorful, refreshing, non-tart fruit. The Delight Cherry plum is a clingstone and the Sprite Delight is freestone. Both of these plants are adapt very readily to a wide climatic zone, namely zones 4 through 9.

The tree that is offered by Nature Hills is named the Sprite Delight 2 in 1 Cherry Plum. Both the Sprite and the Delight are grafted on to the same rootstock so the results are 2 unique fruit producing trees from a single rootstock. Tart fruit from the Delight and sweet fruit from the Sprite is a great way to enjoy fresh tasty fruit from a single tree that does not take up much space. Pollination is also not a factor when planting the Sprite Delight Cherry Plum. Both trees need a pollinizer and they will pollinate each other as they are growing side by side on the same rootstock. Cherry Plum trees are very hardy and adaptable to many soil conditions.

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