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Avocado Trees

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Avocado Trees

The Nature Hills website offers Avocado Trees, not only for the fruit's flavor, but for the fruits nutritional, and ornamental purposes.  Avocados are appearing at consumers’ tables and menus with more frequency than ever.  Sandwich chains promote some novel uses of avocados in order to capitalize on the nutritional and tasty quality of the fruit.   Avocados are somewhat like bananas.  They mature on the tree, are harvested, and then ripen.  The 'Haas' avocado (Persia Americana) is one of the most popular because it can produce fruit almost year round.  In colder climates avocados must be potted and brought inside so they do not freeze.  However, there is the  'Bacon' avocado that is gaining popularity because it is cold tolerant.

The lovely form, bountiful flowers, and structure of the avocado tree makes it an excellent ornamental tree.  If planted in a pot, it may be pruned to regulate the mature size.  Nature Hills supplies grafted trees with clonal root-stocks to help insure disease tolerance and ample harvests.  For more information click on any picture or call Nature Hills at 888.864.7663.

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