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Aprium Trees

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Aprium trees produce fruit that is extremely sweet. The fruit has a strong apricot overtone with a hint of plum. The fruit is 75% apricot and 25% plum. In appearance, an aprium resembles an apricot without the fuzzy coat. The aprium is a stone fruit. The very sweet flavor of the aprium can greatly enhance pies, salads, and preserves. If the aprium are harvested when they are slightly under ripe, they can be kept in a paper bag until they mature and then they can be kept in the refrigerator until used.

Aprium trees do best if planted on well drained soil in areas out of strong winds. Apriums are self-pollinating or self fertile but larger fruit and more fruit will be achieved by pollinating with any other apricot tree. Apriums need 500 to 600 chilling hours, which is the chilling requirement of temperatures below 45F degrees necessary to fully break dormancy of deciduous fruit trees. All of our Aprium trees are listed below.
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