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A Flower for Every Season

Aster black_eyed Susan Goldstrum Clematis Nelly Moser

The most wonderful aspect of planting perennials is that you are assured  some type of aesthetic reward every season!   Spring perennials are the harbingers of a new season, and as they emerge from their winter hibernation they bring forth their beautiful show of colors.

My favorite is Basket of Gold.  It bears its small golden yellow flowers above clumps of hairy, silver green leaves.  There is a palette of spring colors out there for you to try, such as yellows, pinks, blues, pastels--so refreshing after a long dark winter.

Generally, the summer perennials are more robust and colorful than those of the spring.  There are a great number of species and varieties you can choose from.  While color, form and texture are very important, choosing disease-resistant plants is also a must.

My favorite is the Black-eyed-Susan since it is not picky about soil conditions and will grow just about anywhere!

the fall, we all need a lovely farewell when the garden season is coming to an end.  Luckily, there are an extensive range of colors to choose for this season.

These perennials need to be tough to survive the heat and misery of summer before they bear flowers.  Asters have become my favorite because they keep their blooms when many other plants have lost their luster.

While lying dormant, winter perennials can provide some wonderful shades of color.  My dogwoods and forsythia have contrasting bark colors that stand out beautifully against the snow.

it is a challenge, but you can design your garden so there is a succession of color for all seasons!

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