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Chicago Hardy Fig Tree

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Grow your own fresh, sweet figs... even in cold regions!

The Chicago Hardy Fig (Ficus carica 'Chicago Hardy') would make a great addition to any yard and we are so excited to offer our customers in colder regions the opportunity to grow fresh, sweet figs.

As its name implies, this tree originated in Chicago making it a hardy addition for northern landscapes.  While it thrives outdoors, this fig tree will even succeed potted and brought inside during the colder season.

The Chicago Fig is high yielding and easy to grow. It produces medium sized, purple skinned figs that can be peeled and eaten fresh from the tree. 

Figs ripen from August until the first frost in the fall.  They may even bear fruit as early as July.  No need to wait for produce as this easy-to-grow tree typically bears fruit its first season!

The fig is attractive on its own with its distinctive three finger leaves. With the large, leathery, dark-green leaves, the Chicago Hardy Fig is an upright scrub or small tree.

Your Chicago Hardy Fig can grow to up to 12 feet tall and 9-10 feet wide producing gallons of figs annually when planted outdoors. The plant sized can be controlled by retaining it in a pot, starting with the small 10” size eventually growing into a 10-15 gallon planter.

There's nothing like the unique taste and textures of fresh figs!

Eat the fruit right off the tree or surprise your guests with figs you've grown wrapped in prosciutto as a delicious appetizer.  They’re great in salads, on oatmeal or just as a healthy snack the whole family will enjoy.

In some colder climates the tree can freeze to the ground. Don't be alarmed though it will come back in the spring and produce fruit that same year. Because the Chicago Hardy Fig fruits on new wood this cycle will not affect it's fruiting.

We take pride in delivering you the highest quality trees. Our family of fig tree growers has been in business since 1938.  This means you get superior trees that have been grown and selected from almost 75 years of experience.

Get your Chicago Hardy Fig tree today!

The Chicago Hardy Fig is:

* Self Fruiting
* Low maintenance and hardy
* Deer and Pest resistant


Plant Facts

Family Ficus carica 'Chicago Hardy'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 10 - 12 feet
Mature Spread 5 - 7 feet
Soil Adaptable
Zones 5-11
Sun Exposure Full sun to partial shade
Characteristics Pink-red flesh
Pollinator Required None
Harvest Period August to frost

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