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Fig - Texas Blue Giant

Huge, Cold Hardy Figs

Texas Blue Giant Fig Tree is fruit-bearing tree with exceptional fruit.  Plant one near a south wall for some winter protection, or you can use one as a container planting if space is limited.

Imagine an everbearing fig tree with fruit that is sweet and delectable all season long! Texas Blue Giant Fig produces huge fruit with attractive purple skin and a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth amber flesh.  The fruit dangles from the sturdy branches on bright green stems at harvest time, just begging to be picked. 

The large, green leaves lend a tropical feel to your tree, filling it out for a healthy, vibrant appearance in your yard.  The fruit itself is high in fiber and calcium, so Texas Blue not only provides a delicious treat and attractive appearance for your yard, but will provide you with years of health benefits as well.

Texas Blue Giant Fig will grow up to 15 feet in height with a 12 foot spread, depending upon the conditions.   Figs are easy to care for and fast-growing, so you won’t have to fuss much with this tree.  Blue Giant prefers moist soil and full sun, but is relatively adaptable.  It’s also self-fruitful so you won’t need a polarizer for this variety. 

A winner in the south, it thrives in Texas and other hot desert areas, or can be grown indoors in the North.  In fact, this is one of the best fig selections if you live in warm-winter locations. 
Figs are one of the oldest cultivated fruits, even dating back to Biblical times. Their value has been clear for centuries, so why not try one of these ancient fruits for your yard today! 

* Huge fruit
* Everbearing
* Heath benefits
* Cold hardy



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Plant Facts

Family Ficus carica 'texas blue giant'
Mature Height 15 to 20 feet
Soil Widely adaptable
Zones 6-10
Sun Exposure Full sun
Characteristics Large fruit
Pollinator Required None Required
Harvest Period Early fall

Fig - Texas Blue Giant.

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