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Osborne Prolific Fig Tree

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Delicious, Cold-Hardy Fig

Osborne Prolific Fig is a fruit-bearing tree with tasty fruit.  Plant a few in containers for your patio or along the south side of a building (to provide some added protection from frosts).

Your Osborne Prolific Fig is of course best known for its sweet figs, which are delicious fresh as well as used in preserves and other culinary dishes. 

The fruit is large with an attractive red-hued, brown skin and amber flesh.  It has especially been a long-time favorite in cool coastal areas, and is excellent inland as well. 

Figs can bear up to two crops each year, the first in the spring on old wood, and the second later in the fall on the new growth.  Osborne Prolific is, just as the name implies, a “prolific” producer, and should be a reliable producer for you for many years.  The lobed leaves are up to 10-inches long, so it can also be a lovely shade-giving tree. 

Osborne Prolific Fig will grow to about ten feet in height with a 12 foot spread.  It’s a low-maintenance fruit tree and tolerant of a wide variety of soils.  If you want to try just one, you can do so with the Osborne Prolific as it’s self-fruitful, so you don’t need a pollinator. 

Osborne Prolific will grow well naturally, but can be pruned to any shape you prefer.  It is adaptable to cool short summers, produces well in Southern California and does well against walls and sunny locations on the East Coast.

* Large, sweet fruit
* Cold tolerant
* Two crops each year
* Disease Resistant


Plant Facts

Family Ficus carica 'osborne prolific'
Mature Height Dwarf: 10 - 12 Feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 7-9
Sun Exposure Full Sun to partial shade
Characteristics Sweet, thin skinned
Bloom Period NA
Harvest Period Spring and Fall

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