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Eastern Red Cedar Tree

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Fast Growing, Hardy Evergreen Great for Wildlife 

The Eastern Red Cedar tree is an evergreen conifer. You could use several as a large privacy screen or just one would look beautiful as a specimen plant.  

If you’re a bird-lover, this is the tree for you. The Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus virginiana, grows in a 40-60 foot pyramidal shape that is dense but somewhat irregular, providing terrific cover for birds and other wildlife. 

The bark has a shredding nature that is hidden from view but useful for nest construction. The ¼ inch dark blue cones that are produced by the female tree are a valuable food source for many species of birds.  

The Eastern Red Cedar tree has blue-green foliage that sometimes turns a darker brown-green shade in the winter months. 

Plant several along your driveway for that rich pine aroma as you arrive home. Step close and you’ll detect the cedar scent that is prized by many who construct cedar chests from them, or use them in closets for their natural ability to repel insects. 

People also love to clip a few springs for use indoors during the holiday season. They make wonderful wreaths or just scatter a few boughs around for their invigorating pine bouquet.  

Hardy and easy to transplant, the Eastern Red Cedar is a tree you can plant and forget about. It will adapt to almost any conditions and provide you years of enjoyment.  

* Evergreen
* Hardy
* Valuable for wildlife



Plant Facts

Family Juniperus virginiana
Foliage Green
Mature Height 40 - 60 feet
Mature Spread 10 - 20 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 3-9
Mature Form Broad, Conical
Growth Rate Rapid
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Partial Sun
Flower Color Not Showy
Fall Color Evergreen

Eastern Red Cedar Tree.

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Customer Reviews

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waiting for my cedars Review by marjorie
I read these reviews and am quite pleased by the comments of customers who bought these trees-I am looking forward to my 2 eastern red cedars when they arrive- I love the aroma these trees have and bugs and insects hate it-marjorie
Cedar aroma Review by Lucy
My mother gave me an old cedar chest for clothing storage. I forgot how nice the aroma of cedar is. I am looking for a good place to plant one of these eastern red cedars on my property.
Songbirds Review by Brandy
My eastern red cedars are growing well, have not lost any out of the 10 I purchased from nature hills. I am still waiting for the little seed to form to help feed my birds.
Beautiful little things Review by vivayoyis
I ordered and received 15, 12"-18" trees in the fall. The hardest thing, was digging holes in my back yard. The trees were reddish/purple (the color they turn when in extreme cold, dry or fall) and in very good condition. This is the first time I ordered from this nursery, so I was surprised and very pleased by the packaging. I live south of San Antonio, where the ground is anywhere from sandy soft to hard and rocky, the wind blows unbelievably hard and the area always seems to suffer from severe drought. We purchased them as a wind break, which we figure will be in a few years, since they are quite small. They were easy to plant and care for, I didn't have to worry about watering them too often after the first two weeks; they easily survived a winter of harsh winds, fluctuating days of high and low temperatures (25-80 degrees from one week to the next), going from green to purple to red, depending on the weather, and now (last week in Feb), they show bright green budding and up to 1/2 inch growth. For an area, where residents have been asked to ration water, and is mostly bare of trees (thanks to the wind and dryness), they have flourished. Unfortunately, I lost one to a hungry gopher, which ate the main root right out from under it.
Native Conifer Standout Review by scotjute
This is a conifer that is very adaptable, drought-tolerant, and almost care-free. They have a pleasing cone to pyramidal shape when young to mature, and a majestic look when old. Ive gotten over 2 growth/year out of 50% of my trees planted during a drought with once a week watering. Theyre one of the few conifers that can take the wind, drought, heat, bugs, alkaline soil, etc of central Tx. prairie. If you will water once a week when it doesnt rain, these trees will do the rest. They are not tempermental.

5 Item(s)

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