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Whimsical Dwarf Evergreen

Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a miniature Spruce tree.  This would be a delightful choice as a novelty planting in your perennial bed or as a container plant for your patio.  Dwarf Alberta Spruce is an excellent plant for adding structure, color and texture to your yard or garden. 

Your Dwarf Alberta Spruce is often a whimsical presence in the garden.  It’s conical-shaped nature, bright green foliage and tolerance of being trimmed into a variety of shapes has made this a popular choice among gardeners. 

Dwarf Alberta Spruce is also often grown for Christmas trees or holiday decorating.  It’s simply a versatile, care free little evergreen that would feel easily at home in many settings.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce will grow to 5 feet in height with a 3 foot spread.  It rarely needs pruning, maintaining its perfect cone shape without any extra effort required.  It can tolerate high winds, cold, heat and drought, so it’s not only an adorable little Spruce, but also hardy. 

It’s a wonderful choice if you enjoy topiary, and is easily trimmed into a variety of shapes.  Deer tend to leave it alone, but your birds will love it. 

This petite evergreen is an endearing choice for your home for so many reasons.  Let it grow naturally, or mold into whatever best suits your needs.  Why not plant a few today and begin enjoying its unique characteristics!

* Dwarf evergreen
* Care free
* Hardy


Plant Facts

Family Picea glauca 'Conica'
Foliage Blue Green
Mature Height 4 - 5 feet
Mature Spread 2 - 3 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 4-6
Mature Form Round
Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Fall Color Green

Dwarf Alberta Spruce.

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Customer Reviews

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easy to care for Review by Jo
My small spruce tree has gone through a lot of tough, hot, and windy weather and it looks great all the time It is nice and dense and looks like a miniature Christmas tree all the time. The bright green against a snow field is very attractive.
Small Review by Pro
I planted several of these dwarf Alberta spruce along the 2 front corners of my house. They get plenty of sun and they seem to make my house look wider as they soften the corners with their light green foliage. Neat trees!
Dwarf Alberta Spruce Tree Review by DarkBrony666
This is a great plant to grow takes a long time to grow so you can even grow it in your house. I think you should get a couple to plant around your house.
Tree form Review by Donny
My dwarf Alberta spruce arrived looking like a miniature Christmas tree and it has never changed, just a little bigger now. I like the bright green color also.
Master Gardener Review by Viveca
i just want to thank you for the high quality dwarf Alberta Spruce received today. It is so green and well packed. Will order the 'Mops' evergreen companion. I'm zone 6 , so will be planting it on the east side of my property. The view from my kitchen window will be fantastic! Thanks again.

5 Item(s)

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