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Dawn Redwood

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Large, Graceful and Fast-Growing 

The Dawn Redwood is a massive, fast-growing tree.  It would look great as a shade tree in your yard or as a street planting. It would also look attractive as a container plant on your patio while it’s still small.

Despite its massive size, the Dawn Redwood has a gentleness about it. Run the foliage through your fingers. You’ll experience its soft and fern-like texture, so unlike what you might expect from a large deciduous tree.

The foliage begins as light green in the spring, transforming to deep green in the summer. The leaves turn a lovely reddish-bronze before their autumn descent in preparation for a winter rest.
The Redwood has horizontal branching that continues all the way to the ground, affording it a stately pyramidal presence in your yard. If you prefer ground clearance though, it adapts well to being trimmed a bit. 
The Redwood is an ancient tree known to have been in existence as long as 50 million years ago, but is currently on the endangered list in the wild. Growing a Dawn Redwood is a pleasure in and of itself, but growing one on your property is also an investment in the future.
* Fast growing
* Massive size
* Hardy


Plant Facts

Family Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Foliage Green
Mature Height 50 - 90 feet
Mature Spread 15 - 25 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 4-8
Mature Form Pyramidal
Growth Rate Rapid
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Flower Color Not Showy
Fall Color Orange and Yellow

Dawn Redwood.

Rating: 4.6/5 based on 29 review(s)
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Customer Reviews

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Pretty Decidious Evergreed Review by mc1email
Nice foliage; stout trunk. Branches have a tendency to follow the wind. Did trim bottom branches this year for mowing clearance and the tree seems to be okay with that so far.
5 stars Review by Ed
I planted a 16' Dawn Redwood 30 years ago in the middle of my back yard The tree is the centerpice
of my yard. It is over 90' tall w a 3.75' dia. Its graceful beauty is loved by all. We need more of these trees, but you need a large open area around it.
outstanding Review by Bob
A tough, dependable and graceful plant. I have 4, the largest( and oldest) a Sheridan Spire cultivar. Mine set in fairly heavy and damp soil and don't seem to mind it a bit. all of them sailed through -19 below temperatures a winter ago with no ill effects. Soft and airy foliage as well and ice load isn't a problem.
Fossil Tree Review by Peter
I planted one of these four years ago in a dry area with poor soil. After a year it was doing nothing. I moved it the following spring to a lower area of my yard that is more moist. In the two years since, it has shot up from less than three feet tall to over fifteen feet tall. It is a beautiful tree, with a perfect shape. Only problem is, it will eventually shade my neighbor's pool which he put in last year. I'm sure he will want me to cut it down, but I think I'll just ask him to move his pool!
sold my house 12 years ago, went back to see it, the new owners cut it down to widen the driveway. Review by jd
Lived on Cape Cod for 34 years. My husband went with our neighbor who worked in the Winslow tree nursery and came home with an 8 foot dawn redwood.. It had recently been found to exist.. it was then thought to be totally extinct. in China. Our family loved the tree, right outside our kitchen windows. We moved tohNE Pennsylvania 12 years ago. When we sold our house we told the buyer of the importance and value of the tree. We came back to visit the area after 4 years. Drove by our beautiful old house. The tree was gone. We have been heartbroken about it ever since. We live on the beautiful Lackawaxen River, an eagle's nest across the river. Gorgeous trees every where. We need a new Dawn Redwood, even in our 70's!

29 Item(s)

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