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Unique Tree with Year-Round Interest

Corkscrew Willow Tree is a deciduous tree best known for its unique twisted branches.  One would certainly draw attention and comment as a specimen planting in your front yard.

Your Corkscrew Willow is also sometimes known as Dragon’s Claw for its gnarled, contorted limbs.  Branches arise from the trunk at an acute angle and grow up almost parallel to the trunk before they curve back horizontally. 

Corkscrew Willow’s appearance is at its best advantage in the winter when the foliage has fallen to reveal the one-of-a-kind branches.  However, it also shines in the warmer months beginning with its pale yellow catkins in spring. 

As the catkins fade and the foliage develops, you’ll love the 4-inch long, lance-shaped leaves.  The leaves contribute to your tree’s unconventional display with their curled nature. The green foliage, with white-tinted undersides, twirl in the slightest summer breeze. 

In autumn the foliage turns to a lovely golden yellow hue for a last gasp of color before the tree’s winter appeal is revealed.

Corkscrew Willow grows 20-30 feet tall and develops a symmetrical, rounded crown.  It is more drought tolerant than most willows and fast-growing. Corkscrew Willow prefers full sun, but you can still have one in part shade if you prefer.  In fact, it’s relatively tolerant of most soils and conditions. 

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind tree that’s sure to draw attention with its year-round interest, Corkscrew Willow is the tree for you!

* Unique branches
* Fast-growing
* Year-round interest


Plant Facts

Family Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 20 - 40 feet
Mature Spread 15 - 30 feet
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 4-8
Mature Form Round, Curled Branches
Growth Rate Rapid
Sun Exposure Full Sun - Partial Sun
Flower Color Not Showy
Fall Color Yellow

Corkscrew Willow.

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overall winner again Review by supercookie
We've had a corkscrew willow for 25 yrs and LOVE it. Unfortunately a farmer decided to reclaim some of his land & tilled within 8 ft. of the trunk. Since then it's been slowly dying losing small then big branches. We've been looking to replace it and are so excited to have finally found some to buy. Unlike weeping willows they are stronger, do not normally lose big branches and are easy to rake up after. They are fast growing, appealing, easy to care for trees. Also handy to decorate with the branches in many ways. Would highly recommend them especially since the size is just right for almost any location. They don't get anywhere near as large as a weeping willow but still have that flowing beauty in the breeze.
Very pleased with my first purchase! Review by Donna
I ordered 3 trees from this nursery for the first time. I have received 2 and the corkscrew willow was one of them. It came out the box at almost 6 ft tall. Already had the main center and some of the branches going in the corkscrew. I can't wait to see this grow. Packaged very well....will use this nursery again when ordering
Great Tree Review by Toni
Love the Corkscrew Willow. It's so pretty and different.
love theses trees... Review by betty
always wanted a corkscrew willow in my yard.
Fast growing Review by Perry
Corkscrew willows become noticeable in the landscape quickly because of how fast they grow and of course their unique branches.

13 Item(s)

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