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Cherry Tree - Montmorency

Grow your own large, juicy, tart cherries.

The Montmorency Cherry Tree (Prunus cerasus 'Montmorency') produces the United States most popular sour cherry. It is considered the very best cherry for making pies.

This highly prized cherry tree will welcome spring with brilliant, snow-white flowers in  spring followed by a great number of clusters of red sour cherries in July.

The fruit is large sized with bright red skin. The flesh is amber and the juice is clear. Because it’s self fertile only one tree is needed to produce armloads of delicious, tangy cherries.

The tree grows to 20' with a similar spread. It is extremely winter hardy and heavy bearing.

You will not be disappointed with this outstanding sour cherry. Grow the Montmorency cherry; it is the standard by which pie cherries are judged.

*Large Bright Red Sour Fruit

*Heavy Producer

*Cold Tolerant

Customer Reviews

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Love this tree! Review by Linda B
Since my childhood in Michigan, Ive loved sour cherries. When we moved to Utah, I found a Montmorency cherry tree at Home Depot. We planted it, and for the first two years, it produced a little fruit. The birds loved it! Finally, on the third summer, the tree exploded with fruit; with cherries occurring all the way from the tip of each branch to the trunk. Sadly, we were transferred to Texas that year, but I made the new homeowners promise not to cut down my cherry tree. Ill bet theyre glad! Cant wait to plant another one here in Texas!
WOW! Review by Hannah
this tree has alot of cherries on it.
i am so happy that there is a tree like this.
i wish i had 1.


i am impressed.
MONTMORENCY CHERRY in Zone 3? Review by Barry Sewall
From reading the description on the CHERRY MONTMORENCY TREE on Nature Hills Nursery I found that the horticulture zone of this tree is Zone 4. Although I bought the same type of tree from Musser Forests and the climate Zone that they had posted was Zone 3-9. Im just hoping that this Cherry tree will survive the winters here in Larson, WI.

Items 6 to 8 of 8 total

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Plant Facts

Family Prunus cerasus 'Montmorency'
Mature Height Semi-Dwarf: 25 - 30'
Soil Widely Adaptable
Zones 4-9
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Characteristics Sour
Bloom Period Early May
Pollinator Required None Required
Harvest Period Early July

Cherry Tree - Montmorency.

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