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Black Tartarian Cherry Tree

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Ornamental Tree with Excellent Fruit

The Black Tartarian Cherry tree is an ornamental tree that provides excellent fruit. You could plant several for their summer harvest or just one as a specimen tree in the front yard.

Your Black Tartarian is an old variety of cherry tree that has remained a favorite among homeowners for its easy nature, superior fruit and high yields. If you’re looking for a pretty tree that will provide years of delicious fruit with little effort needed from you, then the Black Tartarian is for you.

One of the best features of your Black Tartarian is its outstanding fruit.

It all begins in the spring when your cherry tree will come alive with an abundance of white, fragrant flowers. The clusters of 5-peteled beauties veritably cover the branches with their pristine splendor. You’ll be amazed by the number of butterflies who have come to dance among the blossoms. It’s a beautiful experience of nature in all her glory!

As the flowers fade, your Black Tartarian will fill out with shiny green leaves and begin to form the fruit that your tree is most prized for. By early to mid-summer, you’ll be able to pause under your tree’s canopy and reach up for a sun-warmed, sweet snack that will tantalize your taste buds.

The Black Tartarian cherry is about 1-inch in size with a deeply purple hue. The flesh is dark red, dense and very juicy. The stone comes loose easily from the cherry, so even if you’re pitting the cherries for use in a culinary dish, you won’t have to work very hard.

If you prefer to leave the cherries on the tree, don’t worry about having to rake up a mess. Your yard’s birds will certainly help you out by making sure not a single cherry goes to waste.

Your Black Tartarian is hardy and disease resistant, tolerant of most conditions and easy for even the novice gardener to grow. Considering the stellar benefits of the Black Tartarian Cherry tree, you won’t want to miss having a few of these in your own yard.

*Delicious Fruit
*Spring Flowers
*Wildlife Interest

Recommended pollinators: Bing, Rainier, Van, Lapins


Plant Facts

Family Prunus avium 'Black Tartarian'
Mature Height Standard: 30-35 feet
Soil Widely adaptable
Zones 5-7
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Characteristics Sweet
Bloom Period April
Harvest Period June

Black Tartarian Cherry Tree.

Rating: 4.7/5 based on 7 review(s)
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Customer Reviews

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Fruit production Review by Ted
I have found that the Black Tartarian flowers will droop if it does not get enough water, so I keep it moist, (do not overwater) especially during the bloom time. We gardeners have to be patient because this tree will not produce fruit for a couple of years after planting. BUT it is worth the wait!
Cherries Review by Alice
Black Tartarian cherries are so easy to pick and the pit comes out easily. I freeze several quarts of them to have during the winter months. I have used them for salads, pies, fruit salads etc. Just eating them off the tree works too!
Wildlife Review by Dan
Since I am a bird lover I am very happy to share my harvest with them. Whatever I don't get picked, the birds get the rest. They love the sweet and juicy cherries as much as we do!
Spring flowers Review by Sharon
What a gorgeous tree in the spring. I have a large yard so planted two so I could enjoy the cherries too. They sure put on a show for us -- and the neighbors. Just stunning!
Great Tree Review by Brianna
I got the Black Tartarian to pollinate a Bing, and I am so glad I did. I love this tree!!

7 Item(s)

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