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Chinese Michihli Cabbage

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The Cabbage Chinese Michihli ( haku-sai, pe-tsai), 'Brassica rapa (Pekinensis Group)', has such a mild, sweet flavor compared to regular cabbage that it can be used raw in salads. The Michihle has a texture between cabbage and lettuce. The leaves are mild and sweet, and do not cause digestion problems like regular cabbage. It can be grown nicely in 5 gallon containers. Mix seed with the pak choi, and mizuna green seed to produce a wonderful "cut-and-come-again" Asian mesclun mix.

Plant in the summer, 60 to 70 days before the first fall frost. Mature plants will stand temperatures down to 25 degrees. In hot climates, plant when the temps begin to go down. Chinese Cabbage prefers rich, moist, well drained soil with lots of organic matter. Harvest the heads after they firm up and are solid but not too hard.


Plant Facts

Family Brassica rapa (Pekinensis Group)

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