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Rhododendron Shrubs

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Rhododendron shrubs add year around beauty to landscapes. The plant and their large flowers sporting colors of red, lavender, white, yellow, and pink supported by the glossy leaved evergreen plant provides for a powerful landscape impact. Rhododendrons vary from dwarf types to tall natives that may grow to 15 to 20 feet tall. Rhododendrons prefer partial shade and rich, moist, acidic soil that is well drained. Rhododendrons grow a little larger than Azaleas and they are often used in privacy hedges. Rhododendrons are spring blooming plants. If the plants are placed in full shade, they may not bloom. If they are planted in full, hot sun, they may become leggy and distorted.

Rhododendron plants are acid lovers. The favored pH level is about 5.5. Their roots tend to lie close to the surface and they dry out quickly so mulch is suggested. Use pine needle mulch because of the acidic qualities of pine needles. Wood mulches are not recommended. They like to be moist but cannot thrive in wet, poorly drained soils. Large rhododendron plants do not have extensive or deep root systems and will blow over in high wind locations. Planting them in protected areas is recommended. Placing them behind a fence or building will reduce the wind velocity enough to keep the rhododendrons upright. Prune rhododendrons right after they finish blooming. Late summer pruning may cause them not to bloom the following year. Healthy rhododendrons are hardy plants aand they can be pruned severely. After a substantial pruning, they may not bloom for a year or more. We offer several varieties of rhododendrons and they are displayed below.

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