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Magnolia Bushes

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There are about 80 different species of magnolia that are native to the eastern United States and southeastern Asia. There have also been many shrub species of magnolias developed seeking different flower color, size, and plant structure. Magnolia shrubs are in this group.

Magnolias have some of the most colorful and impressive blooms in the plant world. A mature magnolia in full bloom is a most memorable and impressive sight! Shrub magnolias offer all of the attributes of larger tree type magnolias but in a much smaller package.

Shrub magnolias will fit in many yards or landscapes where early spring blooms are desired and room is at a premium. Shrub magnolias are easy to care for and have very few pests to contend with. Magnolias are easy to maintain and easy to grow. Deciduous magnolias usually flower before the leaves emerge which provides an unfiltered look at the gorgeous blooms.

Planting times for deciduous shrub magnolias is fall or early spring. Autumn is the preferred time in the south while northern gardeners should wait until spring. It is always a good practice to apply mulch around the freshly planted shrubs to moderate soils temperatures and moisture conditions.

If any pruning is needed, prune in late summer or early fall. Flowering is very dependent upon site. Plants in warm, sunny, moist locations will likely flower the best.

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