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Lilac Bushes

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Lilac bushes are arguably one of the most fragrant flowers in the plant world. Botanically known as Syringa, Nature Hills offers lilacs in a ‘tree form’ along with the more traditional bush form.  Tree form lilacs exhibit their flowers on top of a single stem.  They resemble a shape of a flowering lollipop! 

Japanese lilacs are the most commonly known tree forms, and some newer ones, such as the Dwarf Korean and the Tinkerbelle lilac, are eye catchers. 

Lilacs bloom on old wood. If you need to prune do so right after they finish blooming. Cutting out the older stems in the middle of the bush is also beneficial for the plant. Thin out the old stems at the base of the stem. Lilacs make excellent specimen plants, privacy screens and hedges.

Nature Hills is proud to keep adding new lilacs to the lilac inventory, especially the rare yellow lilac named Primrose.  For more information click on any picture or call Nature Hills at 888.864.7663.

Sample Customer Reviews for Lilac Bushes

Last updated April 22, 2015

“Very Pleased with the lilacs that I have recieved!!!!.”
Karen D.  PA

“I bought 3 bare root common purple lilacs last spring.  I was impressed with how well they were packaged & their size.  They are doing great! I grew up smelling the common purple lilac blooms. There seems to be no other scent quite like them.. I'm back to buy some for my kids. Thanks Nature Hills!”
Bonnie P.  IA

 "I just received my 3 gallon sensation lilac and it is AWESOME.  I will definitely buy online at Nature Hills from now on."
Kristin L. CA 

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