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Gardenia Bushes

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Gardeners and landscapers often search for an evergreen plant that will provide both flowers and a lovely scent. This defines the gardenia! If you reside in a warm climate, the gardenia is one fantastic plant to select for your garden, but there are some gardenias available today that will perform wonderfully in cooler areas, such as in climatic zones 6 and 7. One very reliable plant is the Frost Proof Gardenia.

There are over 140 different species of gardenias spread around the world. Here at Nature Hills we market some of the best gardenias available, especially for zones 6 through 10. In colder climates these plant make great houseplants because of their small size and ease of pruning.
Growing gardenias is not difficult and here are a few tips:

1. Gardenias do not like high pH soils. Keep soils in the 5 to 6 pH range.

2. Gardenias like sun, but real harsh sunlight cannot be tolerated; they prefer some late afternoon shade.

3: Mulch around these plants to keep weeds in check. Remember that their roots are very close to the topsoil, so deep hoeing close to the plant can damage root systems.

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